Ocean Breeze ss2021 | inspiration


'A summer evening on the beach, your finest summer dress on, sunglasses half on your nose, flip flops in hand, sweater around your tanned shoulders and your newest bag in hand. You watch the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen and feel the warmth of the campfire on your bare legs. The sand slips between your toes and feels the warm evening breeze against your body, completely relaxed.'

Vegan bag - Crossbody bag


The collection is inspired by the desire to relax and be completely unwind. The choice of colour is derived by the fact that Denise herself would like to make a trip to Bali. The azure sea, tropical surroundings and soft natural tones. In the collection you can find milky colors in combination with tones of the jungle. In the collection you will find a variation between large and small models, plus there are a few new models! 
The Collection Ocean Breeze was shot at the beach Hoek van Holland in the vegan Surf Shack 'Pele'. The locations a a perfect match with the Ocean Breeze vibe because of their relaxed appearance, retro and relaxed vibe. 
Vegan bag - Crossbody bag

In addition to classics, the collection contains two new models. The models which you will see back, are the models we all know: the Charlie bag, Clutch bag, Mini Shopper and the Mini Wallet. In the new collection you can expect soft summer colors which perfectly can be combined with your summer wardrobe. The two brand new models for this season are the Mini Messenger and the Nikki bag! 


Vegan bag - Mini Shopper



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