Our favorite vegan cookbooks

Some of you like to cook and some of for some of you the kitchen is not your favorite place to be ;) Let's conclude there are many different types of chefs, so we have listed our favorite vegan cookbooks for you. For athletes to the tastiest vegan cheatmeals. There is a "top pick" in the list for everyone, so go through the entire list and pick your fave! Let's go!
Vegan for the first time 
We start with a cookbook for the budding vegan, "De vegarevolutie" by Lisa Steltenpool. Because where do you start? And are there certain "rules" to being a good vegan? In this cookbook you will learn the intricacies of vegan food from the start!
Kookboek - de vegarevolutie
A common scenario, you worked, ran errands, picked up kids from school, cleaned the house... but still need to cook. Ella Mills 'Snel & makkelijk' is your lifesaver! By the way, don't worry that a quick meal is an unhealthy meal;)
kookboek - snel & makkelijk
Comfort food! 
We continue with this topper from Lisa Stel "Comfort-food". This fantastic cookbook is probably already known to many of you, but it certainly couldn't be missing from this list! The handy thing about this book is that it also contains information about where you can get certain nutrients from and how you can lead a healthy vegan life.
kookboek - comfort food
''Vegan Fakeaway''  written by Katy Beskow. In other words, vegan takeaway! 70 easy and tasty recipes that are made quickly, especially when you have a good appetite. The book consists of several chapters divided into different cuisines. We certainly do not say no to a Pizza in Sicilian style…;)
kookboek - vegan fakeaway
For the whole family
With this cookbook you put a piece of art on the table with every meal. The book is breathtaking in its own right, but the recipes it contains are delicious too! We are talking about "Vegan Soulfood" by Jason Tjon Affo. The book mainly contains Surinamese-inspired dishes.
When will you put your first meal with unicorn noodles on the table? The kids will love it. ;)
kookboek - vegan soul food
"Vegan het kookboek" by Jean-Christian Jury is a book with a lot of variation. You don't have to be a chef for these recipes, because every meal is easy to make. From starters, main courses and desserts, it is all there and above all practical. The recipes in the book come from 150 different countries, so you can imagine yourself abroad in your own home! 
kookboek - vegan het kookboek
On the road, in the office or running to the gym. A daily routine for many. Naturally, this should also include a nice breakfast or lunch. "On the go" by Rens Kroes is not only for the working bees among us, but also for people who want to have a nice picnic and enjoy a tasty healthy snack. For the athletes this is even more a winner because with each recipe it is indicated how long you can keep a dish and how you can best prepare it!
kookboek - on the go
In the "Fit vega(n) food" cookbook by Nanneke Schreurs & José van Riele, they do not use the well-known broccoli, rice and meat substitute. No, here you will find 75 different dishes for the vegan athlete. Each recipe indicates how many calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats each meal contains. For some recipes you will have to spend a little longer in the kitchen, patience is a virtue. ;)
kookboek - fit vega(n) food

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