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A fresh, young & innovative team with a lot of goals in mind. Every day being surrounded by the beautiful designs and fresh colors, they get each day more excited about the summer. Hopefully we can stroll around again with our summer dresses and matching bags. But which bag is who's favorite? Let's show you our teams 'favorites'!
creative director & sales
Denise is our real businesswoman, but you're probably not surprised by that! She is always ready and she isn't a person with a 9 to 5 mentality. Designing, meetings, contacting new stores, creating campaigns, are one of her daily acitivities. 
You can imagine choosing one favorite not very easy, but if she has to choose she will go for the Mini Shopper white. This Mini Shopper looks small, but the inside is very practical and the bag is soft, so you carry a lot of stuff with you!
The bag has a common size and stands out with every outfit, the Mini Wallet milky blue also goes very well!
Nikki is our marketing chief. One of the new models in the new Summer Breeze collection is named after Nikki: the Nikki bag
The bag is specially designed for the woman who always carries her tablet (the bag also fits a dopper waterbottle!).
In addition, the Mini Wallet milky orange is her little friend where she can store everything safely. The colour matches beautifully with the Nikki bag green mud!
customer service & copywriter
Floortje is the newest addition to the DENISE ROOBOL team. She's still in training, but she's learning fast. Always busy with marketing and sometimes looks at how Denise designed and photographs everything.
For Floortje, no color is too crazy, her favorite is the Mini Cruise bag in the color lila. 
The Mini Wallet in neon green is her favorite, she loves to colorblocking!


photographer & stylist
Kim takes care of all our campaign & collection shoots. With her background in fashion she always knows how to create the most amazing pictures. She loves to wear dresses and her favorite, the Mini Messenger, is the perfect bag to complete her look!



Which model and color is your favorite? 

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