What type are you?

We’ve had to wait a long time, but they’re coming back! The Charlie bag and the Clutch bag in black. Our all time favorite color was massively requested after they were sold out and the time is here. From January 11, the Charlie bag and the Clutch bag can be pre-ordered. 

Which bag fits which type of person? We’ve sorted that out for you! 


The woman who is ready for everyone day and night, is always busy and has a busy job. Of course, a stylish look cannot be forgotten, which is why the Charlie bag is her perfect companion. The bag has an ideal size and can be easily taken from business meetings to a night out. The bag consists of several compartments. The middle compartment contains a zipper where you can store your personal items and there are two compartments next to which there is enough space for sunglasses, notebook, keys, phone, wallet and lipstick. In short, an ideal bag for a busy businesswoman! 


The woman known as ‘ the bold type’, dares to wear everything and is always aware of the latest trends. The street is your catwalk and the Clutch bag is your indispensable item. The adjustable nylon strap attached to the bag allows it to be worn in different ways. The Clutch bag had the ability to change tires. For a sporty look, the bag can be worn long over the shoulder, but either way this bag is a really tough eye-catcher. It is the ideal partner for a night out or a day of shopping.


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