Meet Denise Roobol

I started with DENISE ROOBOL in 2013. I just finished the Willem de Kooning academy and ate plant-based for a couple of years. While I didn’t grow up in a very vegan environment, I always had much interest in how products were made. As a kid I always watched Youtube movies about how chocolate was made. When I was a teenager I had the same interest, and I became very aware of the fact how animals were hurt for my food.

Like many people I began with stopping to eat meat. Later I realised that eating fish is as sad as eating meat and I became a vegetarian. Slowly I started skipping dairy products and ate fully plant-based.

I believe that no animal should be hurt by making beautiful bags and accessories. That’s why I’m very happy all of DENISE ROOBOL’s products are PETA-approved. Besides the vegan aspect, I wanted to prove that vegan products can be fashionable and trendy. With DENISE ROOBOL, I hope to inspire all woman how easy and nice it can be to wear vegan fashion.

Vegan Microfibre Leather

All of DENISE ROOBOL’s products are made of vegan Microfiber, a material that is made from pressed fibers. The material has a strong coating, which protects it against sunlight and water.  The combination of Microfiber and the strong coating makes the material superstrong, sustainable and water-resistant.


Microfiber is the most high-quality alternative for leather and has the same suppleness and feeling. It’s not needed to use a spray to protect the material.

Microfiber is available in different thicknesses. Every design has their own different thickness. For a minimalistic design we often choose for a thick material. While thinner material matches perfectly with a more casual look. The thickness of the material says nothing about the quality of the bag, but more about the look and feel of the bag.



The atelier where the DENISE ROOBOL bags are produced is 3 hours driving from Hong Kong. In the BSCI-certified atelier, a team of very experienced craftsmen manufactures all bags and accessories.

The studio is fresh, light and spacious. This atelier in Guangzhou excels in the quality they deliver, every product gets the time and attention to make it look perfect.