The mission of DR

One of DENISE ROOBOL's missions is to contribute to a more sustainable world. It started with making vegan leather bags, which is why DENISE ROOBOL carries the PETA-approved quality mark. We also continue to innovate and look for more sustainable alternatives, in combination with the timeless and minimalist designs.

Co2 neutral
To compensate our co2 we work together with Trees for All, we make a donation for co2 compensation. With this they invest in social reforestation projects with a broad impact. Read more 

The production of the bags takes place in a BSCI certified factory, where work is done under good working conditions and for a fair wage. Transport to the warehouse in the Netherlands takes place by boat. Transport by boat has the lowest impact on the carbon footprint.

We supply an organic cotton shopping bag with every bag, which can be used frequently, for example for groceries or sports equipment. The packaging of the products is made from recycled plastic or biodegradable corn residues. We use eco wrapping paper for gift wrapping.


Recycled pet bottles
Recycled PET bottles are used for the lining of the products. For example, an average of 4 PET bottles per bag are recycled for the lining.

We try to use our marketing activities as sustainably as possible. For example, we like to work together with other sustainable brands. We also use certain days to make our consumers extra aware of the sustainability aspect. Want to collaborate? Mail to

DENISE ROOBOL attaches great importance to sustainability and continues to innovate in order to become more sustainable.

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