The Atelier

DENISE ROOBOL has been producing its products from June 2020 at the same workshop. A workshop that is BSCI certified, where every employee earns a fair wage and works in a fresh, light, with a lot of space.

The studio is located in Guangzhou, a city which is a three-hour drive from Hong Kong. A total of 80 people work in the entire studio. 17 specialized craftsmen work on the new DENISE ROOBOL collections. All items are made by hand by these specialists. With attention and passion, this team creates the best item for you every season.

Everyone in this team has their own specialism. The team consists of seamstresses, a gluer & pattern cutter, pattern designer, a production manager, a sample maker and quality controller.

The specialties range from the small carving and marking of the material to the packaging of the entire collection, inspecting and sample developer.

A total of 15 actions are required before it goes from the design on paper to a physical bag. These steps are as follows:

  1. Drawing the paper shape
  2. Cutting the shape
  3. Then every part of the shape is checked.
  4. Backing Materials & Lining
  5. Sharp materials
  6. Edge painting for each parts
  7. The moldings to fold/paste the materials shape
  8. Attach the metals to each part
  9. Connecting the body
  10. Sewing the body
  11. Sewing Lining
  12. Sewing the body of the bag and the lining
  13. Border painting combination
  14. Bag Inspection
  15. Cleaning the finished product

Each DENISE ROOBOL collection is made over a 60-day period. From preparing the materials to shipping the collection.

* The table work job contains: glueing, folding, reinforcement, position marking, small cutting.


All DENISE ROOBOL collections are made with care to deliver the best product for you, from start to finish: production, shipping, ordering and until the package is delivered to your home!

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